After receiving the order we will send you a letter and a postal order for the tickets and the accommodation. The tickets together with the accommodation vouchers can be collected at the festival reception desk after the presentation of a proof of payment. Thank you.
First name and surname:
Address (street, street number, city, post code)
Thursday 13th November at 5.00 PM - Monastery Church -
Alfa Gospel Praises (100 Czech crowns):
Thursday 13th November at 7.30 PM - Big Hall of Culture House - Luboš Andršt „60“, Luboš Andršt Blues Band, Blues Band, Energit (190 Kč/ks):
Friday 14th November at 6.00 PM - Culture House Šumperk - 1st PRIME CONCERT (350 Czech crowns):
Saturday 15th November - Cinema OKO Šumperk: - Films from Chicago Blues Festival (60 Czech crowns):
Two - day permanent admission card (Friday and Saturday afternoon and evening + bonus CD 2007) (590 Czech crowns):
900 Czech crowns per night
Hotel PRADĚD, Rudé Armády 2, Velké Losiny
1300 Czech crowns per 2 nights
Hotel PRADĚD, Rudé Armády 2, Velké Losiny

Ticket and accommodation reservation:
Dům kultury Šumperk, s.r.o., Fialova 3, 787 01 Šumperk,,
contact person: Monika Kohajdová, tel.: 583 214 276, fax: 583 214 287,

Permanent admission card (590 Czech crowns)
(2 Prime Concerts: Friday + Saturday afternoon and evening + bonus CD 2007)

Friday 1st Prime Concert (350 Czech crowns)

Saturday 2nd Prime Concert (420 Czech crowns)
(afternoon and evening concerts)

Bonus CD 2007